Transnational Workshop on Management and Education in Mixed Farming Systems

On Thursday 28/02/2023, the first Transnational Workshop on Management and Education in Mixed Farming Systems (MFS) will take place physically.

European farming is strongly affected by the high – impact of climate change emerging as a major threat on agriculture in Europe and across the world. Even though the digital transformation of agriculture promises to solve numerous environmental, economic and societal problems, and important steps have taken place towards this goal, agriculture sector is the least digitized of all m ajor productive activities. By increasing digitalisation and adopting climate – smart practices in agricultural makes it possib le to produce products with even higher efficien cy and even lower environmental impact. However, adoption of a climate – smart agr iculture is not only a farmers ’ concern. It is an interdisciplinary issue for agronomists, ICT experts, farmers, breeders etc. that Higher Education Institutions need to respond by developing new skills and technologies in their curricula.

The SmartROOT project focuse s on the preparation of a new Joint Master Degree program in the field of Mixed Farming Systems (MFS) by introducing user – friendly ICT tools to improve the resilience of agriculture subject to climate change.

Agenda - Time in GMT +1

WelcomeLenaLidfors,Department of Animal Environment and Health, SLU

Presentation of the project SmartROOT


  • Katarina Arvidsson Segerkvist, Department of Animal Environment andHealth, SLU



  • Mats Söderström,Department of Soil and Environment, SLU

The Climate game: experiences from a development process that requiresextensive collaboration


  • Christina Lundström, Department of People andSociety, SLU

Digital animal welfare monitoring


  • AdrienKroese, Department of Clinical Sciences, SLU

Responsible and sustainable AI in livestock production


  • Oleksiy Guzhva,Department of Biosystems and Technology, SLU


Panel discussion