MFS e-book

The interaction of experts with different backgrounds allows us to create an innovative e-Book including best practices in mixed farming skills while the development of relevant soft skills ensures the efficiency and sustainability of the novel methods.

Open Hub for Knowledge Exchange

The SmartROOT Open Hub Platform platform has been designed to bring together experts in the ICT and agriculture domain encouraging an inter-disciplinary approach for knowledge diffusion and development of best practices. Visit the hub and embrace the new educational approach.

Research and Development
Completed 100%

Virtual Farm Hub

A web-based application representing a virtual farm where data from mixed farming activities will be presented for educational purposes. The environment will offer different levels of configuration creating an interactive teaching environment.

Educational Management Platform

A web-based virtual training environment where new ICT and agricultural scientists are getting familiarised with the different factors (logistics, machinery and crop management) that are included in modern farming systems.

Requiremetns collection
Requirements collection

Augment Reality Learning Environment

The Augment Reality (AR) Learning Environment enhances the engagement, comprehension, and accessibility to training material creating an interactive educational process. It enables instructors with limited IT skills to actively engage in the education process.

Curriculum for Joint Master Degree in MFS

The lessons learnt and the best practices from the interaction between ICT and agricultural scientists will assist in the development of a Joint Master Degree in MFS, enabling its graduates to face the future of agriculture.