SmartROOT second plenary meeting

On February 21st 2022, the second transnational meeting of the SmartROOT project SmartROOT-project (ERASMUS+ Project N 2020-1-EL01-KA203-079109) was held. 

Given the situation with the spread of COV1D-19, the meeting was held virtually and all partners participated online in MS Teams platform. In total 16 participants from all partners participated in the meeting. 

AGRIVI made a short introduction and presented the meeting agenda. After that, UOWM presented a short project overview with special emphasis on the scope of the project, the technical progress, the timetable, the upcoming report and provided updates on the financial part as well. Later on, discussions were made on each of the IOs and upcoming multipliers events. 

The progress of each one of these activities was presented by the leading organizations. 

Moreover, all partners agreed to continue working on their outputs and ensure their timely delivery, to support the dissemination of E1: The Transnational event on data driven MFS organised by AGRIVI and to communicate with each other regarding materials they need to further develop their outputs.