Transnational Event on data-driven Mixed Farming Systems

On Monday 28th of February 2022, the virtual Transnational Event on data-driven Mixed Farming Systems organised from AGRIVI and supported by the SmartRoot consortium will take place. The SmartROOT project is a Strategic Partnership in the field of higher education that focuses on the preparation of a new Joint Master Degree program in the field of Mixed Farming Systems (MFS).

Feel free to join the event via MS Teams by pressing here.

This multiplier event aims:

  • to bring together academics and graduates in the fields of agriculture, livestock, IT and finance
  • to stimulate public curiosity about the application of modern technologies in the primary sector
  • to emphasis the benefits of modern technology in this sector
  • to demonstrate the need for new business forms in the industry, which will consist of people with an interdisciplinary background

The event will consist of 2 parts. Each part has a keynote speaker and a roundtable session.

The first keynote speaker aims to introduce the concept of the Mixed Farming System to the attendees of the event. The two domain experts in the round-table session will initiate a discussion on the latest trends in the field providing an overview of the field.

The second part introduces to the attendees the concept of the SmartRoot Knowledge Exchange Platform. The keynote speakers will present the motivation for the development of the hub while the two panellists will initiate the discussion on the importance of sharing knowledge with the community.

Agenda - Time in GMT +1

Welcome and intro to agenda (AGRIVI)

Keynote 1: Mixed Farming Systems (UOWM)

Keynote speaker:

  • Matina Bibi, Assistant Professor, University of Western Macedonia, Greece

1st Roundtable Session – Mixed Farming Systems


  • Mr. Vasilis Vassiliadis, Mechanical Engineer, Vassiliadis SP -Mellontiki LTD, Greece
  • Mr. George Amponis, Software Engineer, K3Y LTD, Bulgaria


  • Matina Bibi, Assistant Professor, UOWM

Coffee break

Keynote 2: Knowledge Exchange on Mixed Farming Systems through the OpenHub (UOWM- SID)

Keynote speakers:

  • Anna Triantafillou, Engineer, PhD candidate, UOWM
  • Anastasios Lytos, Software Engineer, Sidroco Holdings Ltd., Cyprus

2nd Roundtable Session – Knowledge Exchange on Mixed Farming Systems


  • Miomir Stojanović, VGUK, Croatia
  • PhD. Agr., Igor Dekemati


  • Thomas Lagkas, Assistant Professor, IHU

Coffee break

Keynote 3 – Mixed farming systems and tracking through (AGRIVI)

Keynote speaker:

  • Mr.Sc. Ines Hajdu, AGRIVI

3rd Roundtable Session – Mixed farming systems tracking through AGRIVI


  • PhD.agr. Jacek Olchowik
  • Mr. Sc. Radu Jurge


  • Mr.Sc. Tanja Folnović, Digital agronomy expert, AGRIVI

Meeting wrap up (AGRIVI)

Successful completion of the first multiplier event, entitled ‘Transnational event on data-driven MFS first transnational event on data-driven MFS’

The keynote speakers presented the main findings of the project providing useful material that triggered the interest of the audience. In addition, the panelists in the round-table sessions offered their knowledge-producing a useful discussion on the state-of-the-art ICT methods in the agriculture domain.

We cordially invite you to attend our Workshop on Management and Education in MFS Environment on January, 2023 in Sweden.