Joint staff evaluation on IT Tools

During this activity, the faculty staff from all partners will meet in Uppsala (Sweden), where they will test and evaluate the current versions of the developed IT tools.

During a three days activity that will take place in Uppsala at Sweden on Jan. 31st to Feb. 3rd 2023,  the participants will test the outputs O3, O4, O5. Specifically, in day one, the final version of SmartROOT Virtual Farm Hub (O3) will be tested in order to evaluate the reliability and effectiveness in the educational procedure. On the second day, the participants will accomplish an evaluation in the final version of the MFS Educational Management Platform (O4) in order to evaluate the functionality and educational competence. Finally, on the third day, the participants will test an early version of the Augment Reality Learning Environment (O5) in order to suggest further enrichment to its educational contents.


Wednesday, 1st of February 2023

Room: Yggdrasil, VHC-building, SLU Campus

Thursday, 2nd of February 2023

Room: Arvaker, VHC-building, SLU Campus

Friday, 3rd of February 2023

Room: Tanngrisner, VHC-building, SLU Campus