Smart faRming innOvatiOn Training


Welcome to the SmartROOT project's website

SmartROOT is an EU funded project under the Erasmus+ program and the Key Action 2 “Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices”. It is a Strategic Partnership in the field of higher education. The project was approved in 2020 and it will last 36 months. The aim of the SmartROOT (Smart faRming innOvatiOn Training) project is to prepare a new Joint Master Degree program in the field of Mixed Farming Systems (MFS) by introducing user friendly ICT tools to improve the resilience of agriculture to climate change. In the objectives are included the cultivation of a network between Europe’s Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) and the agricultural sector and the familiarization of farmers and stakeholders with ICT tools that can enhance greatly their business.


O1. Mixed Farming System (MFS) e-Book

In the e-Book will be documented the best practices in MFS, the models along with a list of technical and soft skills essential for the ensurance of efficient and sustainable agriculture by the stakeholders. This output will be the baseline and provide the input for the preparation of the Joint Master curriculum under O6.

O2. Open Hub for Knowledge Exchange

This platform will encourage cooperation for problem solving or knowledge exchange for good practices in the area of mixed farming systems and propose open dialogue between experts from different scientific areas as well as expertise and experience sharing.

O3. SmartROOT Virtual Farm Hub

The purpose of this platform is threefold:
1)Reveal the capabilities of IT application in MFS
2)Define the technical skills the ICT post-graduate students will need to acquire ,based on the requirements analysis carried out by agronomists and veterinaries post-graduate students
3)constitute the platform that will be used for the training of agronomists and veterinaries post-graduate students.

O4. Mixed Farming System (MFS) Educational Management Platform

The MFS Education Management platform can offer post-graduate students the opportunity to improve their knowledge according to the market needs of MFS.

O5. Augmented Reality Learning Environment

The augmented reality educational platform allows the implementation of an augmented reality authoring tool to enable instructors with limited IT skills, e.g., farmers and agriculturists, to develop augmented reality material.

O6. SmartROOT Assessment Toolkit and Curriculum preparation

This output will have a double result:
1)It will detail the overall assessment in terms of the completed tasks, the achievements accomplished and the evaluation reports submitted by students, teachning staff members and participating SMEs.The identified and calculated evaluation metrics will be critically discussed and leveraged towards the second and final result of the project that is
2)the curriculum finalization for the Joint Master Degree program in MFS


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