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Climate change threatens European agriculture posing previously unexplored challenges and creating new problems. The digital transformation of the field can solve numerous environmental, economic and societal problems. The introduction of ICT tools into the agriculture sector opens new horizons and offers new tools to face unique problems.

SmartROOT (Smart faRming innOvatiOn Training) covers the gap of knowledge between different experts and offers an interdisciplinary approach to the upcoming challenges.


O1. Mixed Farming System (MFS) e-Book

  • Best practices in MFS.
  • A list of technical and soft skills essential for the ensurance of efficient and sustainable agriculture by the stakeholders.
  • Baseline of the Joint Master curriculum

O2. Open Hub for Knowledge Exchange

  • Cooperation for problem solving and knowledge exchange for good practices in the area of mixed farming systems.
  • Open dialogue between experts from different scientific areas as well as expertise and experience sharing.

O3. SmartROOT Virtual Farm Hub

  • Promote the capabilities of IT application in MFS.
  • Define the required technical skills of ICT post-graduate students.
  • Train agronomists and veterinaries post-graduate students

O4. Mixed Farming System (MFS) Educational Management Platform

  • Improve the knowledge of post-graduate students according to the market needs of MFS.
  • A web-based application, with a friendly user interface, and implemented with modern web technologies.

O5. Augmented Reality Learning Environment

  • An augmented reality authoring tool.
  • Instructors with limited IT skills will be able to develop augmented reality material.

O6. SmartROOT Assessment Toolkit and Curriculum preparation

  • Overall assessment of tasks, achievements and evaluation reports.
  • Overall assessment of tasks, achievements and evaluation reports.
  • Curriculum finalization for the Joint Master Degree program in MFS.

Learning | Teaching | Training

C1. Joint staff evaluation on IT Tools

Activity type: Short-term joint staff training events
A three days learning, teaching and training activity focusing on the evaluation of SmartROOT Virtual Farm Hub, the MFS Educational Management Platform and an early version of the Augment Reality Learning Environment.

C2. Intensive Study Program on MFS

Activity type: Intensive programmes for higher education learners
A five days learning, teaching and training activity where students will have the opportunity to attend a comprehensive course on MFS.

C3. Intensive Study Program on MFS

Activity type: Invited teachers at higher education Intensive Study Programmes
A five days learning, teaching and training activity where attendees will be introduced to new ICT technologies and will be trained in the IT tools developed during the project.


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